North Star Camp
North Star Camp Required Gear
100-300Name Tapes
16-48Permanent ID Stickers (Optional)
1North Star Tee Shirt - Required
5Long Sleeve Shirts
3Sweatshirts (North Star Logo Optional)
1Hooded Rain Coat / Poncho
1Jacket / Fleece
4Jeans, Long Pants, or Sweats
1Nylon Pants
16Underwear / Boxers
Twin size bedding for current 3-5th graders, cot sized bedding for 6th grade and older
1Blanket or Comforter
May substitute sleeping bag if it zips flat
2Fitted Sheets
2Flat Sheets
3Pillow cases
1Mattress Pad
4-6Bath / Beach Towels
2Laundry Bag
1Long Underwear
1Bathrobe or Wrap Towel
1Travel kit
1Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Cup, Soap, Shampoo, Comb / Brush, Nailclippers
2Tennis Shoes
1Pair of Rain Boots
1Aqua shoes, Tevas, or Chacos
1Shower Clogs
2Hanging Shoe Bag (Optional)
1Riding Boots or Heeled Shoes (Required in order to Ride)
Sun Screen
Insect Repellant
1Cook Kit
Lexan plate and cup is recommended
1Knive, Fork, and Spoon Set
1Nalgene bottle or wide mouth water bottle
Paper & Pens
Envelopes & Stamps
(Self-Addressed for younger campers)
Baseball glove and hat
Tennis Racket and Balls (if interested)
Optional Items
Old Costumes (for skits & special programs)
Musical Instruments
Fishing pole
Reading material
Playing Cards
Small Games
Disposable / Inexpensive Camera
Posters for Cabin
1Camp Chair (Optional)
Items Needed for Overnight Trips
ALL CAMPERS NEED EVERYTHING ON THIS LIST! Current 9th graders who are going on the Canadian (1st session & 8 weekers) have a specific packing list which is on
Mid-weight Polartec Jacket
Fleece does not absorb moisture, dries quickly, and is light-weight; making it ideal for trips
Waterproof jacket with hood
NO PONCHOS! Ponchos are clumsy and don't protect well in wind.
Light-weight nylon rain pants
Pants should go on and off easily over boots, be of a breathable material, and dry quickly.
Wool or Fleece Hat
For wind and rain. Ski hats work well.
1-2Mid-Weight boot socks
Wool or synthetic but no cotton. Cotton does not dry quickly and contributes to blisters. Two pair for current 8th graders.
1Sleeping Bag
NO BAGS LINED WITH COTTON OR FLANNEL. If buying a new bag, it should be made of synthetic fiber, which compresses easily and dries faster than down. The bag should stuff into a 12 X 18 inch nylon stuff sack
Hiking Boots
With ankle support. For current 8th graders.